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Our heart is in every job we deliver.

Who are We

We pride ourselves on being a family business that will grow through the generations. Our business is part of who we are.

Our History

Weng Meng CEO and Founder

Weng Meng Industries has been in the market since 1979. From our humble beginnings as a manufacturer of assorted timber joinery products such as wooden cable reels, wooden pallets, and office furniture and fittings, we have grown to become the largest manufacturer and supplier of wooden and steel cable reels in the region.

In the early 1980s, recognizing market potential, we diversified into the production of timber doors. Our dedication to creating high quality, finely crafted doors has helped us grow to become one of the most comprehensive total door solutions provider globally. We have manufactured and installed millions of doorsets, from generic to bespoke, working hard to deliver products that are highly functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Our Values Define Us

Our CAN DO! Values are inspired by the spirit of our founder, Mr. Yap Lin Chai. It represents Credibility, Adaptability, Nurturing, Diversity and Openness, and provide the foundation for how we behave, do business and make decisions. Our values give us strength to go the extra mile and provide guidance in challenging times.


We value long-term relationships with our employees, customers, suppliers, distributors and the community in which we work. We are committed to the highest standards of integrity so that we can build trust and ensure strong and positive relationships. This allows us to accomplish much more.


We learn from hindsight and we eliminate oversight by developing our insight and foresight. We believe vision and leadership drive successful change. We embrace change and are prepared to exploit them to our advantage. Adaptability is inherent in our culture of continuous improvement.


We are committed to creating a company culture that is nurturing and encouraging. This means a place where talent is grown, and people feel motivated. We want employees to be engaged in the business, and to feel supported to be creative to produce the best results.


We embrace diversity in thought, opinions and backgrounds. We appreciate the richness of difference that exists among people and communities. By accepting differences, we open our minds to new experiences and opportunities. Diversity can spark innovation and help us better understand our customers to gain competitive advantage. It helps us make a difference.


We resolve to make open communication part of company culture, where employees are encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas, where associates can be heard, differences aired and mutual respect is maintained. We value a culture of inclusion in which everyone is treated fairly, where everyone has a voice, and where failure is viewed as a means for improvement.


We pledge to champion our CAN DO! valuesand model them in our everyday work. We aspire to build the best products in the most sustainable manner. We commit to bring out the best in our people and inspire others to do the same. Our vision is to become a sustainable role model company that creates positive impact to People and Place.

Our Vision

Weng Meng’s Vision is to become a sustainable role model company in Malaysia that creates positive impact to People and Place.

Our Mission

We embrace the KAIZEN culture of continuous improvement. Our concept is simple: look at how things can be improved, improve them, and then improve them again and again. We believe that small improvements compound to make big differences.

By incorporating KAIZEN in our Mission, we are able to break down our Vision into achievable daily improvements. With each daily step, we work towards a better result and move closer to our Vision.


(People, Place, Performance)     x     Teamwork     x    Innovation    

People, Place, Performance

People, Place, Performance

We are focused on

  • Improving productivity and performance.
  • Fostering genuine partnerships with suppliers and customers.
  • Conducting business in a way that is safe for the environment and people.


Teamwork leads to greater capabilities and success. Kaizen succeeds when all employees look for and work on areas for improvement. This will help us develop the next generation of products and open the doors to new business opportunities and markets.



Innovation leads to breakthroughs and introduces positive change to our product lines and business model. Kaizen maintains momentum and helps perfect our products and processes. Kaizen and Innovation in combination help propel our company to greater heights.

Yap Lin Chai

Chairman and Founder

Dear Customers, Business Partners and Friends,

We live in exciting times. Innovation and technology are bringing new waves of sophisticated demands. Whilst complexity is growing, development times are getting shorter. The same people and equipment need to be adaptable to produce more variety. Change must be fast and furious.

At Weng Meng Industries, we celebrate and embrace change. We listen to better understand needs. We respond by finding new ways of doing things better together. And we lead by pioneering innovation.
Yet, there are some things that we will not change. These are our core values of honesty and integrity, respect and teamwork, and our commitment to social and environmental sustainability. We have earned our reputation of being true to our word. Our customers tell us it is our approach and CAN DO! culture that sets us apart.

Our achievements thus far have been great. But this is not time to rest. To stay ahead we will continuously adjust to changing environments, and convert change into opportunities for bigger and better growth. We thank all our customers, business partners and friends who have supported our continued success. We are looking forward to the future and hope to continue this journey with you.

Weng Meng Chairman and Founder

External Recognition

We are constantly working to improve on our standards whilst creating better performance products. We have successfully attained some international certifications for our products, processes and systems.

Weng Meng Management System Certificate