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Weng Meng is a leading player in the manufacture and distribution of doors and reels. We are the largest reels supplier for the local cable and wire sectors, with a considerable presence in Southeast Asia. Our complete doors systems are exported globally, with proven performance across sectors.

Who We Are

We pride ourselves on being a family business that will grow through the generations. Our business is part of who we are. Our heart is in every job we deliver.

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Our Values Define Us

It represents Credibility, Adaptability, Nurturing, Diversity and Openness and provide the foundation for how we behave, do business and make decisions.

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How We Work

We embrace the Kaizen culture of continuous improvement. Small improvements compound to make big differences to People and Place around us.

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Total Door Solution

We are one of the most comprehensive total door solutions provider globally.

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Wooden and Steel Reels

We are the leading wooden and steel reels manufacturer in Southeast Asia.

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